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Oldways Releases Revised Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

April 10, 2009


Welcome to the Oldways Table!

I thought it would be fitting to celebrate our new blog by talking about that lovely picture of the new Mediterranean Diet Pyramid that you see overhead. Back in November, Oldways brought together an international meeting of leading nutrition scientists to review the increasingly large number of recent studies concerning support for the Mediterranean Diet. The result is this, an updated, colorful graphic that displays both the science and the beauty behind traditional Mediterranean foods! (Seriously, that loaf of bread looks good enough to eat).

So What’s New?

  • Our scientist friends decided to combine all plant foods into a single group within the pyramid. This stresses the importance of eating foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains (mostly whole), beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil, herbs and spices (also a new addition to the pyramid).
  • Another important change is the suggestion to eat fish at least twice a week! Find one of our favorite recipes for Baked Snapper with Tomatoes and Olives here.
  • The illustration itself is a huge upgrade. It celebrates the delicious variety of foods of the Mediterranean region, and is designed to get everyone around the world to be interested and excited about these tasty and fabulous ingredients. Are you drooling on your keyboard yet?

So what do you think? To see a version without the watermark, just visit the Oldways website. We’d love to hear any feedback from you, our wonderful fellow foodies and nutrition enthusiasts. And also, if you want to make use of our snazzy new graphic, just don’t forget to shoot me an email at

Today is Fresh Friday, what will you be making for dinner?




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