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There’s a New Dog in Town

April 27, 2009


Meet Sadie, the newest member of the Oldways family.

Sadly, we had to say good bye to Carla the Oldways Dog at the end of March.  I found my office was too empty, and my heart missed her too much, so this weekend I brought Sadie home to Exeter and Boston.

Like Carla and Mika before her, Sadie is a rescued Rottweiler, thanks to For the Love of Dog (  She came to New England from South Carolina, rescued after being tied to a tree for many years producing litter after litter of puppies.   She’s enjoying her new life, stepping out in the Back Bay — smelling the flowers and meeting all the dogs that walk up and down the Commonwealth Avenue mall, looking out at the Charles River and the Esplanade, and assuming her new job as The Oldways Dog!  We’re not sure if she prefers the Mediterranean or the Latin American Diet,  but soon enough she’ll have a chance to decide on her favorite Oldways leftovers.

– Sara (SBS)

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  1. Sue Furlong permalink
    May 25, 2009 6:08 pm

    I have a Rottweiler named Sidney. He had been passed around and we were his fourth owner by the time he was almost two years old. When we got him, he would take a couple of steps and sit down. We think he was left just to sit all the time in a kitchen or something. Everybody loves him. He’s very tall, American breed, and weighs 155 pounds.

    Sidney now has the run of our 75 acre farm in Bucks County PA. We have four barn cats that adore him and nuzzle with him all the time, especially Louie and Tipper. He playfully romps around our farm, chasing the cats, hens, and peacocks. He avoids the cattle. My husband is retired and they spend the day together, working around the farm.

    You have made a good choice. Rottweilers are herding dogs, at heart. Sidney is the most lovable dog. He practically smiles when you pet him and his little tail wags a mile a minute. He even tried to make friends with a wild possum that had come to the cats’ feed bowls one night. He is gentle with little children and friendly with everyone. He is also smart and knows to stay on the property, not in the road.

    After knowing our dog, my mom rescued a Rottweiler from a pound in Florida where he was to be put down the following morning. Her dog, Ace, has been a great companion for her, too.

    Sadie will give you lots of joy.


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