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May 5th Only Comes Once A Year!

May 4, 2009


It’s almost Cinco de Mayo!

Feeling festive? Humor me for a second and answer this little quiz:

1.) For Cinco de Mayo, do you celebrate with:

a.) Tequila Sunrises
b.) Tequila shots (salt before, lime after of course)
c.) Tequila with the worm at the bottom (nothing keeps a party going like consuming live insects)

Though your love of the agave plant’s liquid fire may impress your buddies, why not be even more daring this year and try something new? We’re talking about the unknown splendors of Mexican wine.

The Mexican wine industry has experienced great highs and terrible lows due to broad economic difficulties, but recently they’ve been gaining international recognition due to increased quality and the introduction of new vineyards. In 2004, Oldways VP Sara Baer-Sinnot went to visit the oldest winery in the western hemisphere, Casa Madero in Parras, Mexico. She says of the visit:

“We first tried Mexican wines during our Managing Sweetness Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City.  I knew I didn’t want to drink beer or tequilla with the hotel’s really wonderful tortilla soup, so I opted for a glass of wine from Mexico.  Casa Madero produces splendid up-to-date, premium wines Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Savignon (which I fell in love with). So, when Oldways held its Latin American Summit in Mexico City in April 2005 (where the Latino Nutrition Coalition was founded!), we knew we had to have Casa Madero wines for our Gala Dinner at Patricia Quintana’s Ixote Restaurant in Mexico City’s Polanco District.   Since you’re probably not planning a trip to Mexico right now, you can find Casa Madero wines through

Inspired? Check out these other wonderful Mexican wineries that offer online shopping:

–    Casa de Piedra
–    Monte Xanic

Want to learn more about the Latino Nutrition Coaliation? Explore the LNC Twitter at @LatinoNutrition.

Whatever you decide to drink on Cinco de Mayo, be safe and remember, stay away from the worms!

– Alison, Chief Wino of Oldways

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