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Mediterranean Month: Only 6 Days Left!

May 26, 2009

Yes, it’s sad, but true. The month long celebration of all things Mediterranean has almost come to an end. Whether you hosted an olive oil tasting party, learned Italian so that you could order an authentic meal from your favorite restaurant, or actually hopped on a plane to Greece to harvest kalamata olives, I hope you did something festive this May.

If you haven’t yet, you still have time! Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration for the waning days of Med Month:

  • Try cutting back on meat for a few days
  • Take a class in zumba or find a cool walking trail
  • Go to a wine tasting at a local liquor store
  • Find a new recipe that includes olive oil, mushrooms, rice or anything else Mediterranean

Check out more tips on the Mediterranean Foods Alliance website. And remember, there’s still time to win a copy of The Oldways Table cookbook and other fun prizes by entering our Mediterranean Month Recipe Contest. Don’t miss this chance to be healthy and have fun at the same time!

How have YOU been celebrating Mediterranean Month?

– Alison

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