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Update on the “New Dog in Town”

July 10, 2009

The new dog in town — Sadie — isn’t so new anymore, so we have dropped the “new” from her moniker, and it’s now official: she’s Sadie, The Oldways Dog.

She’s hitting her stride, enjoying life at Oldways, walking and sniffing around Boston’s Back Bay and checking out all the gorgeous pocket flower gardens along Beacon Street, Marlborough Street, and Commonwealth Avenue.

She’s become a big fan of the Mediterranean Diet, too, which we know because of her exuberant fondness of healthy Mediterranean meal leftovers. Sadie does remain an omnivore, however, and loves a special treat from most any cuisine.

Fourth of July holiday in Exeter, New Hampshire, for example, gave Sadie a great opportunity to demonstrate this omnivoriousness, and to show that in her soul she’s an All-American girl. Gourmet hot dog, with plenty of mustard!

– Sara & Dun
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