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Barcelona: La Boqueria

March 24, 2010

During my semester abroad I took a few side trips to other parts of Europe, one of which brought to me Barcelona for a couple days. My favorite thing about Barcelona was by far La Boqueria, a huge food market on La Rambla, where you can find anything from fresh meat to candied fruit. It was mind-boggling and mouth watering!

Officially known as the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, the origin of the La Boqueria dates back all the way to 1217, when tables were set up to sell meat near the old Barcelona city gate. Over the next several hundred years, it evolved into a pig market and then a straw market, then back to meat as well as fish. In the 1800’s an official structure was built to house the growing market, and now La Boqueria sells any edible item you could think of. And the prices are incredibly reasonable – during my visit I bought a kilo of fresh strawberries for 1 Euro!

An important part of any visit to Barcelona for foodies and tourists alike, La Boqueria is not to be missed.

– Molli

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