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Spring has “Sprouted”

March 22, 2012

Spring has arrived – happy spring! To celebrate, my roommate and I thought we would ring in the new season with a fabulous meal. Basking in the 80º weather, we decided it was time to break out the grill. Now, for those of you who aren’t from the New England area let me explain. We’ve been experiencing somewhat of a, what shall I call it…summer tease. With our beautiful striped bass marinating in a light wine, garlic, and lemon marinade we realized we needed something green to finish out the meal—it is spring after all! Upon further fridge inspection we found a plethora of kale, red and green lettuce, beautiful squash, but alas, none of it was doing the trick for me. I sat pondering for five perplexed minutes: what do I want? What do I want?? And then it came to me: Brussels sprouts!

Brussels sprouts, you ask? Those little green balls of cabbage that your mother used to make you eat before you could have any pie at Thanksgiving? Those mushy little balls of greenery that everyone (even your stoic, vegetable loving grandmother) stuck her nose up at? Yes, those Brussels sprouts. Now, I’ve been going through somewhat of a cabbage craving. Maybe I was inspired by the many boiled dinners I enjoyed during my St. Patrick’s Day escapades; maybe it’s the bitter little crunch that cabbage has, but whatever it was, I needed my Brussels fix – and stat.

Before you write me off as crazy, let me just say that Brussels sprouts have gotten a bad rap. First of all, they’re pretty much the cutest vegetable out there… like a teeny, tiny little head of lettuce, and second of all, they couldn’t be easier to cook. No steaming for this girl. I started with a twirl of olive oil around the sauté pan and a couple of hearty-sized garlic cloves, minced. I heated the olive oil and garlic and then tossed in the halved Brussels. I let them brown and then drizzled in a tablespoon of lemon juice and of course, a healthy pour of white wine. Sauté until the Brussels brown, and voila! The smell was enough to bring my roommate running into the kitchen for a taste…and then another and another. Needless to say, we were lucky to have any left by the time the rest of dinner was ready.

So you know what I say to all of you Brussels sprout pessimists out there? Bring on the Brussels (you’ll love them, I promise)!

–Mallory (The newest member of the Oldways family!)

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